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Find the best online form builder for your needs

There is no single best solution. Move the sliders on the left according to your priorities, and the list will reveal your personal winner. You may also compare the apps head-to-head and see all the arguments for each contender.

Online Form Builders: Characteristics and Important Criteria to Consider for your Decision

When selecting a builder, it’s important to find a system that caters for your specific needs. In general, it is important to look out for the following criteria:



It is important to know what features you'll need first, so that you can choose apps with all of the right capabilities for you. Some apps include more features but will limit the number of websites you can use your forms, others will not set any limits but will charge for more features.


All of these form builders offer templates to choose from that you can tweak to suit your needs and integrate the form into your website.

Some form builders offer better templates out of the box, so if you don't want to spend a lot of time on design or you don't have the necessary skills, those might be for you.


Here it all comes down to how many features we get from different form builders for the same price. Most services include features like the Drag & Drop Form Builder for all plans but more advanced features like Conditional Logic or Front-End Posting are sometimes offered as add-ons.


This section is all about how easy it is to navigate through the user interface, and what kind of features you will find there. The dashboards will include reports sections, the design interface, and account settings and give you access to third party integrations.


Many of the form builders will have basic features included in the least expensive (or free - in some cases) plan, but others will offer more features as add-ons.

Most of these apps also provide a number of extensions that will help you integrate lots third party apps with your forms.


How easy is it to export you form data? Is there a mobile app available to help you while on the move? This section will tell you. It is also good to know how easy it is to cancel a subscription or get a refund.


When it comes to generating conversions online, the type of form you use matters and statistics are very important for improving you forms performance or conversion rate. If your form performance is a priority be sure to find a service that provides a strong statistics section.


All apps provide a good knowledge base, eBooks, videos, forums or FAQ sections. When you need to get help quickly it's important to know how effective the support department. Support can be offered via email, but some companies offer live support via online chat or phone.

To select the best form builder for your specific needs, adjust the sliders on the ranking page. If a criteria is important to you, move the slider to the right. Sliders for criteria you care less about should be moved to the left. The apps will re-order accordingly to give you a new ranking based on your preferences. When you’re done, the app that best suits your needs will be at the top of the list. Furthermore, you can get a head-to-head comparison of any two apps by clicking on Compare. You’ll find arguments for each app divided into categories. For an example, see the comparison between Gravity Forms and Formstack.