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Pricing (weighted 12%)

Gravity Forms

Personal License: $39/year

Use unlimited forms with unlimited entries for only one site. Features like Auto-responders, Export Entries, Spam Protection are available but there are no add-ons included.

Business License: $99/year

At this price point basic add-ons can be added and you can use the license on up to 3 websites.

Developer License: $199/year

You get everything with this license, including priority ticket support and access to advanced add-ons.

For all plans you will get a full year of support and updates from the date of purchase.  If you don't renew your subscription Gravity will still work but you won't get any updates or access to support.

Gravity Forms is also a WordPress form plugin so if your website is built on another platform you might want to look at the other form builders.

There is no free trial, but a demo is available if you wish to get a feel of the Gravity Forms administration before you buy.


Core: FREE

The free plan offers a ton of great features like unlimited forms & submissions, mobile-ready forms, access to the emplate gallery, split-device metrics, SSL encryption, reporting and much more.  All this features will be available but a Typeform branding will appear on the footer of your form. There are some features that you could miss out like conditional logic.

Pro: $22/month

The pro plan has a really good value for the money, it will remove the Typeform branding and it includes all CORE features plus conditional logic, email respondent notifications, customizable thank you screen hidden fields and up to 2GB of storage.

PRO+:  from $70/month

It includes all PRO features plus Priority support, user invites, HIPAA compliance and File upload up to 4GB per user.

Typeform offers 20% off for yearly billing.

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Design (weighted 12%)

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms—like a number of other WordPress form plugins—lets you make forms inside of your WordPress Admin pages and it comes styled to work out of the box with just about any theme.

If you want to tweak the way your form looks you can use the Gravity Forms CSS classes under the advanced field settings to do so. Nevertheless this will require some coding skills so if you don't want to get your hands dirty try the demo forms first and see if they match with your WP theme.


Typeform has an unique form interface that only shows one question at a time. The tool allows you to include images and videos in your forms and uses fonts much larger than the average form builder. Images can be used as buttons for interactive forms.

The whole platform is designed in a drag-and-drop format, so learning how to use it will be extremely easy.

If you're looking for a new way of presenting forms then Typeform is a great option to consider.

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Features (weighted 12%)

Gravity Forms

With Gravity you can make multi-page forms, schedule forms and restrict number of entries, create WordPress posts from entries, save forms and finish filling them out later.

Lots of add-ons are available if you need to integrate  payment platforms and other web apps with the builder.

Conditional logic is is a pretty powerful feature, it allows you to show and hide form fields/questions based on how users respond to previous questions.

Gravity Forms allows you to create WordPress posts from user entries or quickly build surveys and reader polls with open-ended text fields, drop down menus, checkboxes, numerical fields, and multiple-choice questions.


Pro forms support logic jumps, payments, and more
Mobile and keyboard shortcut friendly. This means that the forms will be accompanied by letters, which you can tap on your keyboard to quickly fill out the form from your computer without ever touching your mouse.

You'll see one question at a time, with large answer and text fields so users can easily tap it on a mobile device.

They are reporting higher completion rates than other services.

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Backend Features (weighted 12%)

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a WordPress plugin, so your website has to run on WordPress in order to use it.

After you install the plugin you will find a new Forms section in the the WP admin menu where you'll be able to add new forms, edit your forms, and see their results.

A drag and drop editor is available and you can easily create, edit and share your forms .


Creating a form in Typeform isn't so much different from creating a form in any other app.

Once you have created your form, editing and rearranging the fields is hassle free and doesn't consume massive amounts of your time.

The dashboard has three menu sections: Build, Design, Configure, Distribute, Analyze.

Under the Build section you can drag and drop your fields (logic jumps are also available here and hidden fields). The Design section allows you to change color schemes, fonts or opt for a whole different theme. Under Configure your general form settings, add or remove integrations, setup respondent notifications and configure the progress widget. After your form is completed youcan go to the Diustribute section to grab the URL or embed code. Next is the Analize section where all the reports and metrcis are available.

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Extensibility (weighted 12%)

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms has over 100 extensions and add-ons, giving you tons of third party options. The business licence gives you access to integrations (basic add-ons) with all the major email marketing services like (Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, AWeber, etc.). With the Developer licence you'll have access to the advanced add-ons.

The downside is that the add-ons are only available with the Business or Developer Licence so if you are running only one website go with Typeform.


Their integration with Zapier helps you push data
you collect on Typeform to over 500 services like Google Sheets (aave new Typeform entries to a Google Sheets spreadsheet), MailChimp (for creating MailChimp subscribers from your entries), Trello, Dropbox and many more.

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Flexibility (weighted 12%)

Gravity Forms

If you want to expand the uses for the plugin with add-ons you’ll need at least a business license at $99 or a developer license (for access to all add-ons) at $199.

If Gravity Forms doesn't work out for you, you can get a full refund within the first 30 days of your purchase.

WordPress developers can customize Gravity Forms functionality using the Gravity Forms API.


Typeform does not limit how many questions you can ask per form.

Typeform does not refund for contracts cancelled before the contracted period ends so be careful when committing to a full year plan.

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Statistics (weighted 12%)

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms doesn't currently have reporting capabilities or other add-ons for use as an advanced survey.


Typeform doesn't have a built in analytics feature but you can easily add your Google Analytics tracking code to any of your form, in order to track and collect data about users who submit your forms. In the Analize section from your dashboard, some metrics (completion rate, unique visits or responses) will be available for every device (desktop, tablet and smartphone).

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Support (weighted 12%)

Gravity Forms

Gravity forms has good documentation. If you encounter problems there are customer service forums on the support page and a FAQ section that you can check before submitting a support ticket. You can also reach them on Facebook and Twitter, for quick support questions, they usually respond within a few hours.


Typeforms's help and support team is reliable. They are available via email from Monday through Friday, 8AM-11PM (CET). If you send an email between these hours it is very likely that you'l get a quick to respond to our questions.

The Help Center covers topics for both beginners and advanced users, from creating a form all the way through distributing your forms, analyzing results or using the API.