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Find the best Help Desk Software for your needs

There is no single best solution. Move the sliders on the left according to your priorities, and the list will reveal your personal winner. You may also compare the apps head-to-head and see all the arguments for each contender.

Help Desk Software: Characteristics and Important Criteria to Consider for your Decision

Help desk software enables you and your customer support agents to receive, process, and respond to service requests.
Typical Help Desk software offer a variety of tools and features to assist your customers when help is needed. The software is paid for on a monthly or yearly basis. Some systems also charge a certain fee for extra agent seats. As there are no big upfront costs, it is quite easy to start offering support for your business. When selecting a service, it’s important to find a system that caters for your specific needs. In general, it is important to look out for the following criteria:


Based on the number of agents and the volume of emails you receive every month, you can select a model that fits your needs.  A few of these apps charge based upon the number of emails you receive, and some of them charge you by the number of agent seats you need. Most of the time you can save money by paying on a yearly basis.


Many systems allow you to customize the backend appearance, so it will match your brand more or less. Determine how much time you want to spent in branding your dashboard. If you have a small team or you're just starting out consider choosing a service with a simpler and cleaner interface.


Here it all comes down to how many features we get from the software and how useful they are for your needs.


This section is all about the user interface and how modern is the UX. If the user interface is confusing, it can be a big pain to get your agents manage the support ticket efficiently.


Your help desk solution should provide you an overview about your signed up users and visitors to your site. You can see exactly if your support volume is increasing, if your team is responding fast enough to your users and leads, and who on your team is busiest. Some of the services have built in reports, with other you'll have to use third party apps.


Most of these apps provide a number of extensions and add-ons that will dramatically increase the features of your website by integrating with other popular online services. Some of them provide an API that will allow you to develop your own integrations.


In the process of offering customer support, you might be facing problems or have questions especially when starting up or when a new agent joins the team. In this case it’s important to be able to get help quickly. Support can be offered live via online chat or phone, but most companies also provide knowledge bases, ebooks, videos or forums online.

To select the best Help Desk software for your specific needs, adjust the sliders on the ranking page. If a criteria is important to you, move the slider to the right. If you do not care that much about a specific aspect, move the respective slider to the left. The ranking will re-order accordingly. When you’re done, your best bet will be on top of the list. Furthermore, you can get a head-to-head comparison of any two apps by clicking on Compare. The comparisons are very detailed, you’ll find arguments for both apps for each criteria. For an example, see the comparison between Help Scout and Zendesk.