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Find the best popups & lead capture apps with exit -intent app for your needs

There is no single best solution. Move the sliders on the left according to your priorities, and the list will reveal your personal winner. You may also compare the apps head-to-head and see all the arguments for each contender.

Popups & Lead Capture Apps: Characteristics and Important Criteria to Consider for your Decision

Popups and Lead Capture apps allow you to engage with users in a tried-and-true method of turning website traffic into customers and subscribers. There is no better way to engage with your visitors than popups. Popups may get a bad rap, but they are still the most effective and consistent way to engage with potential customers.

Most of these programs offer a number of different ways to capture leads. They offer everything from in line opt-ins, to exit intent software that triggers a popup when your visitors are leaving a website.

There are a few things to consider when looking for lead capture apps:


This kind of software can be expensive, depending on your specific needs. All of these apps bill you on a monthly basis, and you'll have to do some budget research to see which one works best for you. Most of these companies will give you a discount if you choose to be billed yearly, which can save you a bit of dough in the long run.


All of these apps allow you to decide what your opt-in forms will look like. They have varying levels of customization, ranging from pretty deep design choices to relatively small cosmetic decisions. Which one will work best for you depends on your needs. If you want to capture email addresses or send coupons, all of these apps will work, but if you need more options you may want to choose a solution that has deeper design features.


This section describes how many features there are that modify the public part of your opt-ins. Discussions of popup ease-of-use and flow are found here. It describes what kind of user interface your customers will expect, and how many features can be crammed into that user interface.


Backend Features are all about your experience as a user of this software. It tell you what you can expect from the dashboard, like account settings, or extra features that improve usability.  It will also let you know how easy it is to go through the process of creating a popup from start to finish.


Every popup application should give you statistics on how successful their popups are. This is also where you will find discussion of A/B split testing. Reports are invaluable when creating a successful popup campaign. It is pretty hard to streamline your popup campaign without data about what works and what doesn’t.


How easy is it to adapt these apps for different kinds of popup applications? This section will tell you. If you need the app to do different kinds of popups, this is the place to look.


It is important to be able to integrate your op-in software into your already existing workflow. This section will tell you how easy or difficult it is to integrate the software with other programs, like eCommerce apps. There are a lot of things that are the thing.


When designing your opt-in forms you may have questions or concerns. This section will tell you about the quality and quantity of customer service available for each individual app. There are many different support options that may be offered, ranging from traditional phone support, to FAQs, to live chat.


To select the best opt-in software for your specific needs, adjust the sliders on the ranking page. If a criteria is important to you, move the slider to the right. Sliders for criteria you care less about should be moved to the left. The apps will re-order accordingly to give you a new ranking based on your preferences. When you’re done, the app that best suits your needs will be at the top of the list. Furthermore, you can get a head-to-head comparison of any two apps by clicking on Compare. You’ll find arguments for each app divided into categories. For an example, see the comparison between OptiMonk and OptinMonster.