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Based on weighted criteria below
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Pricing (weighted 12%)


$19/month for up to 3,000 monthly viewers

This one is a pretty good intro package. It includes exit-intent and all of the integration with other apps. It's an extremely good value at this price. There are some features that you miss out on, like personalized tech support, which are only available on the higher priced plans.

$69/month for 10,000 monthly visitors

This package bumps up your monthly visitor count by quite a bit. If your site is starting to get some traction this is the plan for you.

$149/month for 50,000 monthly visitors

This one is getting on the pricey side, though it does quintuple the amount of monthly visitors you can have.

$399/month for 300,000 monthly visitors

This is the big one. If you need this many monthly visitors, go with OptiMonk. They will be cheaper at this price point. You also get personalized tech support and more customization.

Picreel also offers 25 percent off for yearly billing.


$29/month for 1 domain with a maximum of 4,000 views

They start you off with all of their app's features, but you are limited in pages views and the number of domains you can put popups on. If you run more than one website this one is not for you.

$79/month for 4 domains and 40,000 visits a month

This is a steep increase in price, but it is also a steep increase in the number of people who will see your ad.

$159/month for 10 domains and 200,000 visits per month

Once again a lot more money for a lot more ad views. This bumps it up considerably.


This plan is for anyone who has hit the internet big time. You have to talk to a customer service representative for a quote. The representative I talked to said that the Enterprise plan costs an additional $5 for every 10,000 unique visitors.

They also offer yearly pricing at a slightly discounted rate.

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Design (weighted 12%)


Picreel has a relatively limited number of popup designs. The editor is also not as intuitive as it could be. They rely on pretty basic designs, but they do have the option to upload your own code to create custom popups. Of course knowing how to code is necessary for this feature to be of any use. Most users will be stuck with the basic templates.

That said, the basic templates are pretty well designed. They don’t feel dated and they get the job done well.


OptiMonk has about the same amount of design options as Picreel. They both have a number of templates to choose from with little deep customization. OptiMonk's templates are pretty boring. They feel dated and are a bit disappointing.

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Frontend Features (weighted 12%)


They have all of the standard features that you would expect from a popup application. The flow of the popups is clean because of the user-friendly templates. The exit-intent works well. So far I haven't been able to fool it even on the lowest sensitivity setting.

Picreel also offers targeted and specific popups based on where a customer is on your website. This is great for web stores. You can offer targeted discounts to get a sale that would otherwise be lost. They don't have the same ability OptiMonk has to tailor popups to what is in a customer's cart.

Types of Opt-ins in Picreel

Exit-Intent Popups
Mobile Popups
Targeted Popups
Traditional Popups



The popups look pretty clean, if a little boring. They have a good flow to make for ease of use from the customer's standpoint. This is partly because the app doesn't offer deep customization. The popups from OptiMonk look quite similar to the ones from Picreel. They are a bit more drab though. Also, the exit-intent doesn't always work. I manged to fool it a few times when testing.

OptiMonk has the ability to create targeted popups based on customers shopping cart contents. This is a highly personalized way to draw a potential customer back in.

Types of Opt-ins in OptiMonk

Exit-Intent Popups
Floating Bar
Traditional Popups
Shopping Cart Targeted Popups


Backend Features icon

Backend Features (weighted 12%)


The design is very user friendly. They have a clean dashboard that lets you look at all your campaigns and analytics with ease. It was easy to start a new campaign. The popup was on the website within minutes. The overall design of the editor could use a little work, but it is serviceable. The two apps are very similar in what they can do here.

Their dashboard has an annoying habit of navigating to the wrong page sometimes. This is a small issue, but the existence of any bug makes me nervous about what other bugs might be in their system.

Picreel has a WordPress plugin as well.


The backed is easy to use and quite simple. The lack of customization options has something to do with this, but it is also a well designed system. Getting the popups from the editor to your website is very very easy. All you have to do is copy and paste the HTML where they tell you to.

There is also a WordPress plugin to make life simpler.

Reports & Statistics icon

Reports & Statistics (weighted 12%)


It was very easy to set up an A/B testing campaign. They make it accessible right from the dashboard. All of the data is available right there in the app and there is a wealth of useful statistics. They provide eye-catching and easy to read graphs that help to visualize your popup's impact.


OptiMonk supports A/B testing. The force you to work with Google Analytics for all of their statistical data. This is fine if you are willing to work with Google, but it seems more cumbersome than providing analytics directly on the website. Picreel does a better job of getting you your data in a digestible way.

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Flexibility (weighted 12%)


Picreel delivers the pretty standard popup. It is nothing fancy, so it’s hard to imagine using it beyond the conventional uses for popups. It is a great tool for email marketing or promoting coupons, and the editor is more user friendly. There is some flexibility in this app, but it is mostly a one trick pony.


OptiMonk does not do well with flexibility, but neither does Picreel. OptiMonk has templates for all the basic popup applications, but I doubt it could handle more sophisticated uses. It has a frustratingly poor level of customization, but the end result works for what it is.

Extensibility icon

Extensibility (weighted 12%)


Apps that work with Picreel

Campaign Monitor
Vertical Response
WordPress plugin

It has integration with all email marketing tools. Also, you can get all of your collected emails in a CSV file, which can be imported into programs. It also works with CRM platforms such as Webhooks, Highrise, Zapier, and Hubspot. So if you use a CRM this is your lucky day!


Apps that work with OptiMonk

WordPress plugin

OptiMonk is great if you want to integrate with your E-commerce platform, and it works with a good amount of other stuff as well. The major email marketing tools are included.

Support icon

Support (weighted 12%)


They offer support by both phone and email. Picreel’s support is very responsive and helpful. They also have an extensive knowledge base and very good documentation. It should be pretty hard to get stuck when using Picreel.


OptiMonk has a good support system. They list account manager email addressees right there on the website, and also have a phone support system. The self-help section is also excellent and extensive.

If you pay a larger monthly rate, you will also get your own personalized tech support.