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Yotpo vs Bazaarvoice – Which Comes Out On Top?

Choosing the right review management tool can make or break your business’s reputation and customer engagement. In this article we will go into a full comparison of Yotpo vs Bazaarvoice, including features, pricing, user reviews, ease of use and more.

Yotpo vs Bazaarvoice: Overview

Yotpo and Bazaarvoice are two of the top review management platforms that help businesses collect, manage and display customer reviews. Yotpo is all about visual marketing and customer loyalty while Bazaarvoice is about leveraging customer generated content to enhance online shopping experience.

Feature Comparison

Review Management

Yotpo has review management tools, collect and display customer reviews across multiple channels. Its automated review request system increases review volume.

Bazaarvoice has syndication options, businesses can distribute reviews across multiple retail sites. This increases the reach of customer feedback.

Content Generation

Yotpo allows users to generate content such as photos and videos from customers, social proof. The platform’s AI tools categorize and display this content.

Bazaarvoice is great at getting customers to share their experiences through detailed reviews and Q&A’s, useful for potential buyers.

Visual Marketing

Yotpo’s visual marketing tools are a major feature, businesses can use user generated photos and videos in their marketing campaigns. This builds trust and authenticity.

Bazaarvoice also supports visual content but focuses more on textual reviews and detailed feedback.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Yotpo has loyalty and referral programs, designed to reward customers for their engagement and repeat purchases. These are customizable and can be tailored to your business.

Bazaarvoice doesn’t have a loyalty program feature but integrates with third-party solutions for customer loyalty.

Analytics and Reporting

Yotpo has in-depth analytics and reporting tools, to see customer behavior and review performance. This helps businesses make data driven decisions.

Bazaarvoice has reporting capabilities as well, with metrics on review distribution, customer sentiment and content performance.


Yotpo Pricing

Yotpo has a tiered pricing structure, free plan includes basic features like review collection and display. Paid plans includes advanced features like visual marketing and loyalty programs, pricing varies based on the number of orders per month.

Bazaarvoice Pricing

Bazaarvoice’s pricing is custom, based on the size and needs of the business. It involves a setup fee and an ongoing subscription fee, that includes review syndication and detailed analytics.

When comparing value for money, businesses need to consider their business needs and budget. Yotpo might be more cost effective for small to medium sized businesses, Bazaarvoice is more beneficial for larger businesses with more distribution needs.

User Reviews and Ratings

Yotpo User Feedback

Yotpo users like its ease of use, feature set and customer support. But some users find the advanced features expensive.

Bazaarvoice User Feedback

Bazaarvoice is great for syndication options and detailed reporting tools. Users find it very effective for review visibility. But some users find the setup process complicated and time consuming.

Pros for Yotpo: user friendly interface, visual marketing tools. Cons: higher cost for advanced features.

For Bazaarvoice the main pros are review syndication and analytics. The main con is the setup and integration.

Ease of Use and Integration

Yotpo Ease of Use

Yotpo is known for its user friendly interface and simple setup. Users can navigate through the features and manage their reviews with no training.

Bazaarvoice Ease of Use

Bazaarvoice has a more complicated interface, new users will find it challenging. But once you get familiar with the platform you can use its powerful tools to manage your reviews.

Both platforms integrates with popular e-commerce solutions like Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. Yotpo also integrates with social media platforms to enhance its visual marketing.

Customer Support and Service

Yotpo Customer Support

Yotpo has comprehensive customer support, 24/7 live chat, email support and a help center. Users praise the support team for being responsive and helpful.

Bazaarvoice Customer Support

Bazaarvoice has robust customer support, dedicated account managers, email support and knowledge base. The support team is knowledgeable and helpful during the setup process.

Case Studies and Success Stories

Yotpo Case Studies

Yotpo has many case studies for different businesses. For example a fashion retailer saw 25% increase in sales after using Yotpo’s review and visual marketing tools.

Bazaarvoice Case Studies

Bazaarvoice has several success stories, like a major electronics retailer who saw 30% increase in review volume and huge customer engagement through its syndication network.

Both have proven themselves in different industries, they can drive customer engagement and sales.

Yotpo vs Bazaarvoice Pros and Cons

Yotpo Pros

  • User friendly interface.
  • Visual marketing tools.
  • Customer loyalty programs.

Yotpo Cons

  • Higher cost for advanced features.

Bazaarvoice Pros

  • Review syndication.
  • Analytics and reporting tools.

Bazaarvoice Cons

  • Setup process complicated.


When choosing between Yotpo vs Bazaarvoice, it depends on your business needs and goals. Yotpo is for businesses that want a user friendly platform with strong visual marketing and loyalty programs. Bazaarvoice is for bigger businesses that need review syndication and analytics.

Both are valuable tools to drive customer engagement and sales, so worth the investment for businesses that use customer feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the main differences between Yotpo and Bazaarvoice?

The main difference is in their focus, Yotpo is good for visual marketing and loyalty programs, Bazaarvoice is good for review syndication and analytics.

Which one is more cost effective?

Yotpo is more cost effective for small to medium businesses, Bazaarvoice is more value for bigger businesses.

Do Yotpo and Bazaarvoice integrate with all e-commerce platforms?

Both integrate with popular e-commerce solutions like Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce and social media platforms.

How do Yotpo and Bazaarvoice handle customer support?

Yotpo has 24/7 live chat, email support and help center. Bazaarvoice has dedicated account managers, email support and knowledge base.

Which one is better for small business?

Yotpo is better for small business due to its user friendly interface and cost effective plans.

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