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Yotppo vs Loox – Side by Side Comparison for 2024

In e-commerce, customer reviews can make or break your business. They provide social proof, build trust and can increase conversions. Two of the most popular review platforms are Yotpo and Loox. Both have unique features for different needs. But which one is right for your store?

Bottom Line

  • Yotpo has a full marketing suite.
  • Loox is visual reviews.
  • The choice between Yotpo and Loox depends on your business.
  • Yotpo is better for bigger businesses that need more features.
  • Loox is cheaper and for small to medium businesses.

Yotpo and Loox

What is Yotpo?

Yotpo is an e-commerce marketing platform that helps businesses get customer content, traffic and conversions. Founded in 2011 Yotpo has become a leading solution for reviews, loyalty programs and user-generated content. Its features are for businesses that need more than just reviews.

Yotpo’s features include: collect and display customer reviews and ratings, encourage user-generated content through photos and videos, loyalty and referral programs and visual marketing tools.

Also Yotpo has SMS marketing so businesses can reach customers directly through text messages. All these features help businesses to engage with customers and sell more.

But Yotpo’s strengths come at a higher cost and setup can be complicated for beginners. Despite these challenges Yotpo is a powerful tool for businesses that want to maximize their marketing and build stronger relationships with customers.

What is Loox?

Loox is a photo reviews app that helps e-commerce stores build trust through visual reviews. Since Loox was founded it has focused on making it easy for customers to leave photo reviews and make online stores look better.

Since Loox is focused on visual content it’s great for brands that are all about aesthetics like fashion and beauty brands.

Loox’s features include: collect and display customer photos with reviews, automated review requests, customizable widgets for reviews and social proof elements to increase trust and credibility. It’s easy to use so perfect for businesses of all sizes.

Loox is great at visual reviews but lacks some of the advanced marketing features of Yotpo. This might not be a problem for smaller businesses that are mainly focused on building trust and sales through customer photos.

But larger businesses with more complex marketing needs might find Loox’s features limited.

Yotpo vs Loox: Features Comparison

Review Collection: Yotpo collects reviews through multiple channels: email requests, on-site prompts and SMS. This multi-channel approach gets a high response rate from customers and gives businesses a lot of feedback.

Loox collects photo reviews through automated email requests and focuses on the visual aspect of customer feedback.

Review Display: Both have customizable review display. Yotpo has more customization options so businesses can create widgets and galleries that match their site design.

Loox on the other hand showcases photo reviews prominently with widgets that highlight the visual content.

Integration and Compatibility: Yotpo integrates with many platforms: Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and various social media and email marketing tools.

This wide integration makes it a great choice for businesses that use multiple tools. Loox integrates with Shopify and other e-commerce platforms so it’s compatible with most used systems.

User-Generated Content: Yotpo encourages customers to share photos and videos that can be used across multiple marketing channels: social media, email campaigns. This user-generated content creates authentic marketing materials that resonate with potential customers. Loox while focused on photo reviews also supports text reviews so you get a complete view of customer feedback.

Marketing Tools: Yotpo has additional marketing features: SMS campaigns, loyalty programs and referral incentives. These tools help businesses to engage with customers beyond the review process and build long term loyalty and repeat sales. Loox has basic marketing features but mainly focuses on social proof through its visual reviews.

Yotpo vs Loox: Pricing

Yotpo Pricing

Yotpo Pricing plans

Yotpo’s pricing is tiered from basic to enterprise plans with prices varying based on the features. The higher price is because of the platform’s many features so it’s a good investment for businesses that need advanced features.

Yotpo has a free plan and paid plans starting at $79/month for the Starter Plan. The Pro plan at $169 is more expensive but has more features suitable for larger businesses like seller ratings and 24/7 support.

Loox Pricing

Loox Pricing plans

Loox has simpler and more affordable pricing plans so it’s perfect for small to medium sized businesses. The pricing structure is a big advantage for businesses that are focused on photo reviews and looking for cost effective solutions.

Plans start at $9.99/month so it’s a cost effective option for small businesses. The higher plans have more features like video reviews and advanced integrations

Cost effective: For larger businesses with bigger budgets and more marketing tools needed, Yotpo has better ROI even if it’s more expensive. For smaller businesses looking for a cost effective way to showcase customer photos and build trust fast, Loox is the way to go.

Customer Support Comparison

Yotpo Customer Support: Yotpo has robust customer support: live chat, email and dedicated account managers for higher plans. The support team is known for fast response times and knowledgeable support so businesses can resolve issues quickly.

Loox Customer Support: Loox has support through email and live chat, good quality support that addresses user concerns. But response times vary based on the plan and some users might find the support options limited compared to Yotpo’s.

Use Cases and Scenarios

Small Businesses

Yotpo for Small Businesses: Yotpo has many features but might be too much for small businesses. The higher price and complex setup is a turn off for businesses looking for simple solutions.

Loox for Small Businesses: Loox is perfect for small businesses because of its affordability and focus on photo reviews. The ease of use and visual reviews help small businesses to build trust fast and effective.

Large Enterprises

Yotpo for Large Enterprises: Yotpo is good for large enterprises that need advanced marketing tools and integrations to manage large volume of reviews and customer interactions. It has all the features to support complex marketing strategies and customer engagement.

Loox for Large Enterprises: Loox can be used by large enterprises but might lack some advanced features that larger businesses need. But it can still be a good tool to showcase customer photos and social proof.

Industry Specific Recommendations

Fashion and Beauty: For fashion and beauty brands, visual content is key. Yotpo’s user generated content and visual marketing tools is a good choice. But Loox’s photo reviews can give immediate visual impact so it’s also good for these industries.

Electronics: Detailed reviews are important for electronics. Yotpo’s review collection and advanced loyalty programs is a good fit. Loox with photo reviews can also be used to demonstrate product usage and build trust.

Home Goods: Both can be used for home goods. Yotpo’s customer feedback and visual content can boost marketing efforts, Loox’s photo reviews can show products in real life settings so customers can envision their purchase.

User Experiences and Testimonials

User Reviews and Ratings

Yotpo User Experiences: Users love Yotpo’s many features and marketing tools. Common praises are the customization options and integrations with other platforms. But some users find the higher price and steep learning curve especially for smaller businesses.

Loox User Experiences: Users love Loox for its simplicity and visual review display. The platform’s photo reviews help businesses to build trust with potential customers fast. But some users find the limited advanced features not suitable for larger enterprises.

Case Studies

Yotpo Success Stories: A fashion brand saw 498% increase in conversions after using Yotpo’s visual marketing tools. By using user generated content and customer photos they were able to create authentic marketing campaigns that spoke to their audience.

Also a large electronics store used Yotpo’s loyalty programs to increase customer engagement and got higher repeat purchase rate and customer loyalty.

Yotpo Success Stories: A beauty brand increased customer trust and sales by showing photo reviews on their product pages. The visual content helped potential customers see real life results and build confidence in the product.

A small home goods store got 20% increase in sales after using Loox’s review widgets that displayed customer photos in a beautiful and engaging way.


Yotpo or Loox? It depends on your business needs and goals. Yotpo has more features for larger businesses with advanced marketing requirements. Loox is focused on visual photo reviews and is more affordable so it’s good for small to medium sized businesses.

For small to medium sized businesses that are focused on visual reviews and affordability, Loox is the way to go. It’s easy to use and cost effective to build trust and sales through customer photos.

For larger businesses that need advanced marketing tools and integrations Yotpo is the better option. Its many features support complex marketing strategies and gives a good ROI.


What’s the main difference between Yotpo and Loox?

The main difference between Yotpo and Loox is their focus and feature sets. Yotpo has many marketing tools including reviews, loyalty programs and SMS marketing so it’s good for businesses with advanced marketing needs. Loox is focused on visual photo reviews and is easy to use and affordable to show customer feedback.

Which one is more affordable for small businesses?

Loox is more affordable for small businesses because of its simpler and more affordable pricing. It has the basic features to collect and display photo reviews so it’s good for businesses that want to build trust without breaking the bank.

Can I use Yotpo and Loox together?

Yes, businesses can use both platforms to get the best of both worlds. Yotpo’s advanced marketing tools and review collection capabilities can complement Loox’s visual photo reviews. Using both platforms together will give you a solid review strategy that will increase customer engagement and build trust.


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