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Based on weighted criteria below
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Pricing (weighted 12%)


Free - The free plan will give you 500MB of storage and 500MB of bandwidth. It will also give you a URL that is a Weebly subdomain.

$8/month - Gives you a free domain and removes Weebly ads.

$12/month - Gives you some extra features like HD audio and video players and password protection

$25/month - This plan removes the transaction fee of 3% that Weebly puts on any purchases.

All the paid plans give you unlimited bandwidth.

Despite some of the cheaper options offered by Wix, Weebly has more fully featured plans.



Free - Wix will give you a free domain, and you don't even have to ask nicely. It has 500MB of storage and 500MB of bandwidth, just like Weebly. It will also give you an ugly looking URL, again just like Weebly.

$4.08/month - This plan will allow you to connect a domain.

$9.25/month - This is the first plan that will give you a free domain for a year. This one has 3GB of storage and 2GB of bandwidth.

$12.42/month - Wix gives you a free domain and a free email account for a year. Also 10GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth.

$16.17/month - This plan gives you 20GB of storage and 10GB of bandwidth. It also gives you free premium apps. This plan claims it is good for eCommerce.

$24.92/month - 20GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth. Also free apps and premium customer support.

There is a lot of free stuff for a year. After the first year these are no longer free. You will have to pay for them. How much? $4.08/month for the custom mailbox and about 15.00/year for the domain. That is really expensive for a domain name.


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Design (weighted 12%)


Weebly has over 100 design templates. That's a lot! The templates are generally of a pretty high quality.

The editor is really good, and it actually works. There is none of the lag that you find in Wix. Everything is very responsive.

The only problem with the Weebly editor: Nothing! It is by far the best editor of any of the apps that we've reviewed.


Wix's editor is just bad. There is no way around it. It is poorly designed and laggy, and it takes far too long to load. Design elements get stuck and then move all at once, and the menus themselves even seem to lag.

The editor's loading screen also takes forever. It is clear that the editor includes a lot of good features, but if the editor isn't usable then those features have no point.

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Frontend Features (weighted 12%)


You can add all the standard stuff to your website. You can embed videos, add maps, and add flash players.

The websites look great on both mobile and desktop. Weebly makes sure of this. A good mobile site is important, especially now that more and more people are spending their time on mobile sites rather than desktop sites.

The desktop sites are no slouch either. They are responsive and easy to navigate.


The websites look good once you get them up and running. Also the mobile preview is very nice and you can edit the mobile site separately from the desktop site. The mobile editor is much better and more responsive than the desktop editor.

It is a shame that this app is so hobbled by its design interface. The end result is very good. So if you can struggle through the editor, you'll be rewarded with an excellent website.


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Backend Featuers (weighted 12%)


The Weebly bakcend is very nice. Their app store feels like an extension of the editor.

Thankfully, Weebly takes you right to the dashboard when you first make an account rather than sending you to the editor like Wix.

The backend is very animated an friendly. Everything looks welcoming, which is a welcome change from Wix. Weebly has none of the lag in the backend that makes Wix a chore to use.



The backend is plagued by many of the same issues as the editor. Many of the menu items lag, perhaps not quite as badly as the editor, but still enough to be frustrating.

The link to get to Wix's dashboard is hidden in a menu within the editor. It was difficult to find, far too difficult. It's weird that when you visit their site Wix dumps you right into the editor rather than bringing you to the dashboard first. That little quirk is off-putting when trying to get a handle on how the website works.

The link for the dashboard is hidden in a menu. The dashboard has the same lag that the menus in the editor experience.

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Hosting & Security (weighted 12%)


Weebly delivers better hosting features across the board. The free plan gives you 500MB of storage and bandwidth. All of the paid plans give you unlimited bandwidth. That is very nice.

Weebly provides hosting with all of their plans, including the free one. The paid plans include a free domain name for one year. After the one year you will have to pay for it. That is a shame, and it seems quite obnoxious.

They give you the option to use SSL encryption across your whole website if you want to. That is pretty cool, and not something you'll find readily anywhere else.



Wix gives you bandwidth ranging from 500MB to unlimited depending on what plan you get. The hosting is all internal.

They also give you a free domain for a year. It still feels like a trick, since you have to pay for it the next year.

Wix does not offer SSL encryption for any of their sites. Weebly has the option to encrypt your entire website, so Weebly wins here.


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Reports & Statistics (weighted 12%)


The free version of Weebly has a small statistics section that only tracks page views and unique visits. The paid versions add a few extra features. They let you see which of your pages are the most popular, how your site is found, and which websites are giving you traffic.

Weebly has much better reports, mostly because they actually have reports.


Wix only supports integration with third party statistical tools. They don’t have any statistics of their own to display. This is disappointing. They clearly have the means to implement at least some basic statistics.

The third party integrations will work just fine, but it feels a bit lazy to not include at least a small reports section.

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Extensibility (weighted 12%)


Weebly has an app center with 77 different add ons. This is solidly in the middle of the field when it comes to integrations.

All of the extensions are integrated into the editor so they are easy to access. Add a new one is as simple as clicking and shooting it down the gullet of your website.


They have an app market with over 250 apps. That is huge! Only WordPress has more extensions, and it is much bigger than Weebly's

This is where Wix shines. They have an enormous number of integrations, including favorites like eCommerce, social media, and email marketing. Weebly holds their own, but Wix beats them by several factors.

Support icon

Support (weighted 12%)


They have a knowladebase and FAQ section as well as live chat and support tickets. Their live chat is available Mon-Fri 5am-5pm PST and Sat-Sun 7am-4pm PST.

The live chat is great. They are very responsive, helpful, and patient. The patience is the most important characteristic.

They also offer phone support for higher paying customers.


Wix really dosen’t have support. They don’t have a live chat or phone line. The lack of customer support from a human is pretty staggering, especially considering that most people who use their platform are going to need some help.

They do have an FAQ, and knowladgebase, and a support forum. Those have the basics to get you started, if you even want to continue with their shoddily made backend.