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We’re just starting out

Hey guys,

This is an early stage side project so please feel free to share any suggestions, critiques and ideas by email on

We‘ve been running a few blogs in the last few years, mostly in the web design space, and more recently started Ecommerce Platforms, a website where we review, compare and rank the best ecommerce platforms for very specific needs (like selling recurring digital goods for example).

Hallo world

A few months ago I noticed that one of my favorite websites in the same space (of comparing ecommerce solutions) completely vanished. I’ve tried to reach out to the former owners – a team of German students from the University of Freiburg – but didn’t manage to get ahold of them so decided to register the domain name again (the one you have in your browser right now), re-build the site based on their initial vision, and update all reviews and comparisons to reflect the current features of all major ecommerce platforms.

I hope you will forgive my Hallo World joke as well as the cliché /prejudice of thinking that a German team built the perfect web app comparison engine, with a vision so precise and exact that no one else could have done it. I really think it was a wonderful project and I’m proud we’ve managed to save it from disappearing into oblivion. Hopefully we’ll manage to keep the same high standards!

The process

We’re only tackling niches and products that we’ve been actually using for at least a few months (some for years) before reviewing and comparing them. We try to identify the common pain points of the average user and come up with the criteria we should use when comparing the apps.

All the hidden costs and small print are taken into account for each app and disclosed in comparisons.

Each head-to-head comparison is individually created so we have totally different arguments when comparing Shopify vs Magento and Shopify vs Bigcommerce.

We also revisit each app every month to see if there have been any changes and improvements, then adjust the rankings and comparisons accordingly.

Next Steps

We’ve started only with Magento, Shopify, Volusion and Bigcommerce, as these were the ones the original team compared, but we’ll soon add more solutions, including WooCommerce, Lemonstand, and Tictail.

We’re also planning to add some new web app categories, like email marketing solutions, invoicing SAAS and so on.

Feel free to send an email or leave a comment here if you’d like to see any other apps / verticals reviewed and compared.

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Catalin is a blogger and a big fan of ecommerce. He also loves mindfulness and matcha tea!

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